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Fully featured version. Internet access required for operation.

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$7.99 - $11.99

For students, teachers and educational institutes. Authentic educational email address required.


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Designed for individuals for their personal use.


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For internal use only. For all other commercial usage such as hospitality, showroom, broadcasting, signage, etc. Contact us regarding Enterprise Licensing


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What do I need to run AirServer?

Download AirServer

AirServer Connect

Free AirPlay Discovery app for iOS

AirServer Connect for iOS is an optional app that enables AirServer discovery across subnets. This is especially handy in complex networks such as in schools and large businesses.

Free AirPlay Discovery + Mirroring app for Android

On Android, AirServer Connect also adds AirPlay mirroring capabilities to your Android device allowing you to project, not just to one, but to multiple Apple TV's and computers running AirServer at the same time.