Press Releases

AirServer makes history

1 May, 2012

We're so hyped about our latest breakthrough with AirServer that we couldn't hold back any longer. This is something no other app has done. This is history in the making.

AirPlay Mirroring for PC is here!

That's right. AirServer is the first and only software that can Mirror your iPhone/iPad to your Windows PC. This is a pre-release version and doesn't yet have sound or some of the eye candy features of full blown AirServer. But it does have Mirroring. And Mirroring will enable you to take your iPhone 4S and display the screen pixel perfect on your PC. Over the coming weeks we'll be adding free updates to the PC version to bring it up to speed with the Mac version. Exciting times ahead.

And talking of the new Mac version - In parallel to our secret work on AirServer for PC we've been busting our nuts on AirServer for Mac. The improvements are arguably as groundbreaking as Mirroring for PC. To put it simply;

The game console for Mac has arrived!

In this release, AirServer for Mac has been enhanced specifically for gaming. The picture is crisper, the aspect ratio can be changed to suit your taste, and you can now Mirror multiple iOS devices simultaneously in multiplayer split-screen mode. This means that if you have two iPhones in the room running Temple Run you can turn this into temple race on the big screen. A classroom full of Fruit Ninjas becomes that Bruce Lee fight scene in The Fist of Fury. And with over 100,000 iOS games running on tens of millions devices the possibilities with AirServer are endless.

Below is a summary of the main improvements to AirServer 4.3 for Mac:

And AirServer 0.9 for PC:

AirServer enhanced for iPad 3 crushes the new Apple TV

21 March, 2012

To coincide with the release of the new iPad and Apple TV we’ve massively enhanced AirServer. Our goals are always ambitious. This time we decided to make AirServer on an average Mac outperform the new Apple TV. Sounds crazy, but we’ve done it. The result: mirroring is smoother, games are finally playable and not just demo-able, and picture quality is enhanced. We even dusted off the oldest Intel Mac running Snow Leopard we could find. AirServer brought it back to life with style.

AirServer now makes full use of the new iPad’s additional power and typically delivers 60+ FPS. Plus, we’ve added video post-processing settings. This is a totally new feature that enables you to fix something that has been lacking – and still is – with Apple TV; increasing the picture quality. Now, using the hardware, AirServer enhances the picture on-the-fly. These settings are customizable and give you control over the sharpening, brightness, contrast, saturation and hue. See AirServer’s video post-processing capabilities here.

Oh, and for those struggling with the back-to-front, upside down ending of Wind-up Knight, you can now flip the display horizontally and vertically.

Below is full list of AirServer 4.2 improvements:

AirServer 3.2 packs complete password protection & all new audio services

19 November, 2011

We pride ourselves on being able to bring our users’ feature requests to life. Complete password protection and true audio sync have been priorities since day one, so that’s why we’re excited to introduce them to you in our 3.2 update. Rejoice that your AirServer Macs are no longer vulnerable to random interruptions of unwanted AirPlay streams! That’s right teachers, password protection means that you will no longer need to worry about Nyan Cat attacks during classroom presentations!

True audio sync with other AirPlay/AirTunes devices has also been a feature missing from our AirPlay audio services, but now your AirPlay ecosystems will reach sweet-sounding equilibrium at long last. Our all new audio streaming services include streamlined volume control and support for meta-data information from iTunes (Mac/PC).

Here is a complete list of AirServer 3.2 features and bug fixes:

AirServer 3.1 Delivers doubleTwist & iTunes DRM Support

19 October, 2011

That’s right! AirServer’s hacktastic 3.1 update adds compatibility for both doubleTwist+AirTwist and iTunes DRM-encrypted videos.

The goodwill hacking of doubleTwist co-founder DVD Jon helps millions of people around the world enjoy their iTunes videos, podcasts and music on their Android devices. Now Android fans using doubleTwist’s AirTwist add-on can wirelessly beam their music and videos to their Macs running AirServer 3.1. Yeps: AirServer 3.1 enables AirPlay streaming from Android devices running doubleTwist+AirTwist to Mac.

The latest AirServer update even circumvents iTunes DRM restrictions! So now you can stream purchased videos directly to your Mac running AirServer at long last.

Other AirServer 3.1 update features include:

Bug fixes include:

We’d like to thank Alain Gaillard for gallantly volunteering to add French localization to AirServer. This past week has also been extremely busy, so thank you to everyone who kindly offered feedback on the 3.0 release and have been patiently awaiting AirServer 3.1.

All new AirServer 3.0 with enhanced iOS 5 and Lion support

10 October, 2011

We had a busy summer of tireless testing and development at AirServer headquarters, and now we’re excited to introduce AirServer 3.0 for Mac!

Those of you running Lion will instantly notice the sleek and snappy new video player that makes video streaming better than ever.

Although older systems will still need QuickTime for video-streaming, they’ll nevertheless get to utilize our brand-new photo and slideshow players; these optimized players seamlessly support multiple displays, mouse gestures, and keyboard shortcuts.

Furthermore, AirServer 3.0 boasts enhanced iOS 5 support and the unique ability to stream slideshows with visual effects and music intact via AirPlay.

So to make a long and glorious story short, you’ll enjoy:

We’ve also worked hard to add password protection on audio and fix the iPhone 3GS photo orientation bug that was interfering with 3GS users’ ability to enjoy AirServer’s awesome photo streaming. No other AirPlay receiver app on the market has provided this 3GS bug fix thus far.

Other bug fixes include:

Before we sign off on AirServer 3.0, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank Michael Fuchs for updating the app’s German localization and Dawid Sobolewski for updating our Polish localization.

Thanks guys, and our best regards to everyone else who beta-tested for us and shared their valuable feedback!

AirServer 2.2.0 adds iOS 5 support

9 June, 2011

It has been an eventful week so far what with all of the news coming out of San Francisco.

We’d like to add to the firestorm of awesome Apple news by releasing a brand spanking new update and announcing that AirServer 2.2.0 is compatible with iOS 5!

Heads up: those of you streaming content to AirServer from iOS 5 will need to deactivate Dual-mode AirPlay in AirServer Preferences.

This is quick and easy to do by unchecking the ‘Dual-mode AirPlay’ box.

And just in case you’ve always wanted to be able to crank up the volume and lose yourself in sky-high quality sound: we’ve also added 24-bit audio support.

For those of you who haven’t been following our blog, we’ve released twelve updates in the past six weeks.

The following outstanding optimizations have been added to AirServer:

And we’ve recently implemented bug fixes for:


AirServer goes Green & adds Dual-mode AirPlay

3 June, 2011

AirServer 2.1.8 has gone ‘green’ and also added dual-mode AirPlay to video streaming apps!

By ‘green’, we mean that you no longer have to keep your Mac awake to enjoy AirServer. This gives you the best of both worlds: you’ll be able to reduce your carbon footprint, and AirServer will continue to be at your disposal. Whenever you feel like streaming to AirServer, just go ahead and AirServer will do its dance to wake up your Mac without needing any Wake on Lan utility.

AirServer’s ‘green’ Wake on Demand feature is compatible with newer Macs running Snow Leopard or Lion.

Dual-mode AirPlay: We know that everyone who owns older Macs might feel left out in the cold on this AirServer 2.1.8 Wake on Demand feature, so we’ve made you the coolest consolation prize ever. Have you ever wanted to watch a video on your iPad while specifically streaming the audio to your Mac running AirServer? We know you have, and now you can! With the 2.1.8 update, your machine will be listed as an audio and video receiver for AirPlay in video enabled apps.

We’ve also used your recent feedback and crash logs to fix a few unresolved issues that were causing us grief, so we look forward to hearing how 2.1.8 is received. You can see the updated release notes for a complete overview.

We’d also like to send a special shout out to Maksim Kopeikin for generously taking the time to redraw our AirServer menu bar icon for us. Thanks Maxim!

Super nifty 2.1.4 AirServer update

20 May, 2011

Here at AirServer headquarters, the words of the week have been ‘optimization’ and ‘support’. We’ve been implementing as many feature requests as possible and polishing every angle of our amazing app. After having responded to 1,054 emails since AirServer’s launch, we are proud to present our super nifty 2.1.4 update:

Dawid Sobolewski is responsible for making AirServer’s Polish localization possible, so we’d like to extend a special thank-you to him: Dziekuje, Dawid! Michael Fuchs has also been so kind as to help us improve our German localization: Vielen Dank, Michael!

AirServer added to System Preferences

16 May, 2011

Yesterday we released AirServer 2.1.2. In addition to the awesome AirServer Preferences pane, we’ve added:

Videos also now play using QuickTime 7 on Snow Leopard and Tiger.

Last but not least, a special thank-you to Mike from for keeping AirServer’s German Localization up-to-date. Thanks, Mike!

Apple Distinguished Educator promotes using AirServer in American Schools

13 May, 2011

Mike Amante is an Apple Distinguished Educator, part of a select group of American educators working to expand innovative, creative uses of technology in American schools.

He has been teaching a series of very popular workshops that help school administrators and teachers learn how the iPad can be integrated into their workflow, and this is why he contacted us.

Mike wrote, “I want to share how well your new AirServer software could be part of the iPad-in-education experience. AirServer is one of those outstanding kinds of software I’d love to expose educational leaders to as they start exploring how the iPad can and will be used in the classroom. This software solution has so much potential in education!”

We wholeheartedly support Apple and NYSCATE’s commitment to improving education through the use of technology, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to help Mike show how AirServer can be used by students, teachers and administrators everywhere he works.

Fast and furious week of AirServer optimization

11 May, 2011

It’s been a fast and furious week! We’ve worked around the clock to optimize AirServer, and we appreciate all of the valuable feedback we’ve received.

In the past few days, we’ve added:

We’d also like to send a shout out to Mike from for adding German Localization to AirServer. Thanks, Mike!