1 License per Philips TV - Unlimited Guest Devices

AirServer Philips TV Edition

Enterprise License

Product Retail Price Quantity Amount
AirServer for Philips TV $49.99
  Sub-Total: $49.99 
  Total: $49.99 

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Hospitality Bulk Pricing

Each license has a base price of $49.99 USD and is valid for one Philips Professional TV activation.

Quantity Price per license
0-49 $49.99 USD
50-99 $36.99 USD
100-149 $24.99 USD
150-499 $18.99 USD
500+ $12.99 USD
Chain deal Price upon request

Philips Professional TV distributors and resellers
Reach out to us at philipstv@airserver.com to create new distribution channels and to get special pricing.